BREAKING: Leaked Trump Memo!

You won’t see this on WikiLeaks!

We have obtained EXCLUSIVE access to a leaked memo written by President Trump. As you can see, he doesn’t use the computer, he prefers paper and his official gold crayon. It looks like he also uses recycled paper. This one surprised us.

The memo is to alert the staff to answer all reporters’ questions with the phrase, “I do not recall”. Apparently, WH counsel thinks that if everyone sticks to this rule they can weather the Russian storm.

donald trump's official memo to staff advising them to answer all questions as 'i do not recall'

I will not reveal my sources so don’t ask me! The guy I got it from, and I won’t say whether it was a man or a woman, but the guy I got it from is a top-level senior staffer who felt the public needed to see this information. He was also trying to tell me Trump’s email password but I said no, don’t confuse me with fluff. Let me concentrate on the real story.




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