Dear Dems, Stop F’ing Crying

I have something to say to my friends in the Democratic party:
Stop fuckin’ cryin’ over every little loss!

For fuck’s sake, Tom Price won GA06 in November 2016 by 23 points (61.6% vs 38.4%). Seven months later, Handel ekes out a win against Ossof by only 3.8 points (51.9% vs 48.1%).

ossof handel election results

This is a solidly red district, yet the Republicans had to spend $23M to keep it, and they still came within an inch of losing it. Think about that.

Bring Me Pelosi’s Head!

Every time we lose something there are calls for ousting Pelosi and rebranding the party. Well I think you are acting like a bunch of cry-baby pussies every time you say that.

First of all, we aren’t supposed to win everything. No one is.

Second of all, making the Republicans sweat that hard to keep the solidly red seat is a win.

Dems, you’re a political party, not a popstar princess. You can’t go reinventing yourself every time the latest single isn’t as big a hit as you’d thought it would be.

And what’s all this noise about you not knowing what our platform is? It’s pretty simple if you look at the language being used on each side, the bills trying to be passed, and the bills trying to be blocked:

  • Red is the Party of Me
  • Blue is the Party of We

That’s it. It really is that simple. Why can’t you work with that? It even fits onto a bumper sticker, for chrissakes.

The current Republican platform is focused on giving to the rich and taking from the poor.

The current Democratic platform is concerned with making sure all Americans get a fair shot, making sure everyone gets the help they need, and making sure our nation is secure. Our platform looks out for all Americans, even the ones that are unpleasant and ungrateful. We aren’t trying to hurt rich people. People have a right to be rich. We just want them to pay their fair share like everyone else is.


So what do we do? Well for one, pay attention to the lessons already learned and use that to strengthen the party. Remember when so many voters complained that all the two parties do is fight? Well take the into consideration and think about changing your rhetoric. Let the Republicans fight about issues, while we work on issues.

Let the Republicans talk about healthcare while we do something about healthcare. Be the party that works, the party that does things, the party that is useful. Because when an undecided voter is sitting there trying to chose between the blue lever and the red lever, that voter tends to pull the one that they think did less complaining and more doing. The voter wants someone who is going to do something, not just talk about it or fight about it.

So start doing more. Haven’t seen the healthcare bill yet? Don’t spend time complaining about it; you already know that’s a waste of time. Do something. Draft amendments to add the things we need and present those amendments for debate. Of course it’s ridiculous, but so it sitting around waiting for something that you know is not going to happen. It looks far more productive if the Democrats continue to work on healthcare even if the Republicans will not reveal what they are working on yet.

save the aca memeAnd now that I think about it, why do you even need to offer any changes to AHCA? There’s already strong support to keep ACA, why don’t you work on fixing what’s broken there, and then motivate the country to fight on your behalf to keep it?


Look, at the end of the day, we hired you to work for us. So just do something and stop complaining, alright?


#LoveYou #PartyOfWe #GoMerica


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